Plant, Tag and Protect.
Use Case
Using blockchain technology, NerveFlux is on a mission to make the world a better place by doing its bits to help reduce CO2 emissions and environmental disasters.
At NerveFlux we are expanding our use case beyond bridging the gap between crypto and real estate through our charity program goal of planting a million trees. A tree is to be planted and tagged for every wallet address holder. You will be able to choose if the tree should be tagged with your name or wallet address.
Our charity page will make it possible for every Nerve wallet address holder to view their tree.
It doesn’t matter who or where you are, you can help fight against climate change by simply holding Nerve Token for more than 120 days.
Tree planting should be a culture rather than passion. At NerveFlux we believe everyone should have access to at least a tree. Our goal is to tag a million trees.

Nerve Wallet holders will be able to choose a tree from the list below to be planted in their natural habitat.

  • Field maple
  • Ulmus minor
  • Black alder
  • Grey alder
  • Alnus alnobetula
  • Sessile Oak
  • Tilia cordata
  • Fraxinus ornus
  • Ostrya carpinifolia
  • Sweet Cherry
You can be part of this program by holding at least 1000 NerveFlux token for over 120 days. At NerveFlux we reward our holders by tagging their names or wallet address to a tree (planted or existing). You can help make the world a better place by holding Nerve Token.
Tree planting is not enough, saving and protecting existing trees is part of our goal. Trees are very precious, as such they should be protected.
Do you have passion for trees? Have you cultivated culture for tree planting? Are you a professional or tree(s) lover? You can join our team of volunteers and help improve our environment via NerveFlux tree planting and protection. NerveFlux charity welcome volunteers from any part of the world. Our goal is to do our bit to protect our environment for future generation. In this section you will find volunteer who are taking the lead.
Marco Martini

Head of Tree Planting Program

    Funmilayo Murele

    Tree planting Officer


      CEO - NerveFlux